• Projector Screen with German Haus Logo
  • Large Projection Screen
  • Three-Screen Projection Display for Game of Thrones Event


We carry a huge inventory of projection screens to meet any need.

We offer Stumpfl projection screens, with 16:9 aspect ratio front and rear projection sizes ranging from 5.5 ft x 10 ft, all the way up to 18 ft x 32 ft.

These screens are available with full velour dress kits and are perfect for larger audiences. For smaller events, we stock tripod and Insta-Theater screens in 5 ft., 6 ft., 7 ft. and 8 ft. widths.

For specialty applications, TSV carries a wide range of large screen options in our L.A. warehouse! Need a rear projection backdrop for a commercial shoot? We have rear projection screens ranging in size up to 16 ft. x 45 ft.