TSV Sound & Vision and Red Paper Heart

The TSV Sound & Vision team was proud to have worked with Red Paper Heart, a Brooklyn-based art studio composed of designers and coders, on creating a one-of-a-kind LED wall display for Deloitte at the 116th U.S. Open Golf Tournament. After previously working with Red Paper Heart to produce HBO’s Game of Throne’s experience at SXSW 2015 and Comic Con 2015, they came to us confident that we had the skills and equipment necessary to construct a unique visual effect that would engage and entertain guests


Red Paper Heart specializes in interactive motion capture activations. For the U.S. Open, Deloitte came to Red Paper Heart wanting to create a “signature swing” booth in the VIP area, that would allow guests to capture the arc of their golf swing into a unique piece of art. Red Paper Heart developed a golf club that captured the trajectory of the golf swing, and we helped to translate the movement onto our 8’x8’ LED wall setup by the TSV team. Our team decided to use an Absen 2mm LED wall for stunning high definition visuals, and programmed all of the back-end processing for the LED wall as well. We also provided ground support structure to ensure that the wall was properly supported for the safety of the U.S. Open guests. We delivered the equipment to the job site in Oakmont, Pennsylvania, installed the equipment to the client’s specifications and removed the equipment at the end of the event.

led u.s. open

Deloitte’s VIP guests and attendees were pleased with the outcome of the LED wall, and we captured some awesome images of the LED display in use. At the end of the event, Deloitte was so happy with the installation and enjoyed working with our crew members so much that they plan to repeat the experience in several U.S. cities throughout the rest of 2016.

Our A/V technicians and crew used their expertise to help Deloitte navigate the variety of choices in LED products and select the most cost-effective display that would still provide a dynamic guest experience. We also helped the client weigh their projector rental options, including conventional video monitors and projectors, ultimately landing on the beautiful Absen 2mm LED wall. Through our expertise in A/V equipment and experience setting up corporate events, our team was able to help Red Paper Heart and Deloitte bring their idea to life.

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