Sound System Rental Yamaha M7CL

Audio Mixer Rental

TSV Sound & Vision provides a variety of analog and digital mixing consoles to drive the professional audio systems that we bring out to Los Angeles's most important events. Our list of available audio consoles is extensive, and includes:

  • Yamaha PM5D (48 ch.)
  • Avid Venue SC48 (48 ch.)
  • Yamaha M7CL (48 ch.)
  • Yamaha LS9 (32 ch.)
  • Yamaha LS9 (16 ch.)
  • Soundcraft Si Expression (32 ch.)
  • Soundcraft Si Expression (16 ch.)
  • Allen & Heath GL3300 (32 ch.)
  • Allen & Heath GL2200 (24 ch.)
  • Soundcraft EPM8 (12 ch.)
  • Mackie 1402 VLZ3 (10 ch.)
  • Mackie 802 VLZ3 (8 ch.)
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